Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Blog post

Well I've finally decided to start blogging, soooo I decided after considerable thought what would better to blog about than my favorite genre of music. As someone living on Long Island I get to enjoy the local ska scene and the abundance of local bands. For those who don't know Ska is a genre of music that originally came from Jamaica and has gone through three historical waves that I guess I'll blog about another day. Modern ska is known as third wave ska and incorporates elements of punk rock. In the late nineties third wave ska actually became mainstream for a short time but still survives and thrives in dedicated scenes today.

Ska bands are usually made up of the traditional rock grouping of a drummer guitar bassist and singer, however in ska the addition of a brass section to the band is the standard.Anyway on this blog I'm going to talk about ska bands, culture, and whatever else pops into my head. I doubt anyone has actually read this though but I do hope at least one person out there finds what I have to say interesting.

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  1. Ska is great! It always sends me up into the clouds, dancing! Looking forward to your posts!